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     Guitarist's album. Issue No. 2.

                 Easy pieces and simple etudes for classical guitar

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                                                   Here you will find pieces and etudes for classical guitar of various genres and styles. In addition to                                                       notes, each piece is provided with tablature, which greatly facilitates their analysis by beginner guitar l                                                  overs. For the same purpose: - ease of mastering pieces or etudes, - the album is equipped with an                                                       audio application with playback of all the pieces included in it.

                                                   The material of the educational and repertoire plan, intended for both novice guitarists and those                                                         who have been studying the guitar for more than 1 year. So, for example, sketches "It was snowing"                                                       or Etude No. 1 can be mastered after 2-3 months of practicing the instrument. And it is not                                                                       necessary  to maintain initially the tempo of the performance that is presented in the demo playing                                                       of pieces or etudes. This pace is a kind of benchmark,

                                                   which can and should be approached gradually, without undue overexertion, progressively from l                                                         esson to lesson We add that all the pieces and studies are provided with tablatures. They greatly                                                         help in mastering and memorizing the location of the notes.

                                                   on the guitar neck. The author also managed to write all the plays and sketches of the album                                                                 without  such hard to master the technique of playing the guitar, like a barre. But it is still not correct                                                     to completely ignore the mastering of barre in any educational process, therefore, in etude no. 5 "Swing" the author initially provided for acquaintance with this

reception of the so-called. small barre. The finger clamps 3 or less often 4 strings.

What other techniques of playing and their mastering are provided in the album:

  • Various types of arpeggios. These are etudes no. 1.3.5 and etude no. 2 "Snow was falling".

  • Chord playing and playing with triads, thirds.

  • The Pulgar Technique is when the right thumb plays from top to bottom on the 4th, 5th, or 6th strings of the guitar.

  • Passages are quickly executed groups of notes.

In general, they are present in guitar music, as they say, completely

and near. The methodology for mastering them is the simplest; - from the slowest

pace, and the main thing is the number of repetitions. Starts

trigger muscle memory of the fingers - this is a sign of successful

mastering the technique of playing the guitar.

The passages are presented in the plays "Little Scherzo" and "Naughty

doll. "You will master the ability to combine accompaniment and melody. This is

not simple but important. The polka and waltz in the album will help you with this.

But don't chase guitar techniques

forget about the music itself. The imagery of the works. This color can

glean already from the many titles of the plays.

Try to play by mentally drawing in your imagination and falling

snow, and the unbridled fun of children on the swing, the simplicity of villages

everyday life and everything that your imagination tells you.


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