Here You  can find a large  number of pieces for guitar.
Pieces  for guitar are written in  different  years of the creative activity  of the  composer

Valery Dzyabenko .
Artworks  a  variety  of  genres  and  styles . Part of the pieces can be heard on the page

" Author's Works  for Guitar ".
  Some works concert plans are presented on
YouTube on the Music page.
Separately ,
You  are  invited  to  a  polyphonic  collection of pieces for guitar. Works of

German composers of the 17th and 18th centuries in arrangements for guitar made by

Valery Dzyabenko . From the easiest to the complex .
 Arrangements  made  in  comfortable  positions  for  the  guitar. The  transcriptions  are

played by a music editor with scores. Also part of the works is in YouTube .
 Any  works  or  collections  that  interest  you  can  be  obtained in musical notation and

tablature by contacting to the pages of this site .
 We will be happy to answer any of your questions.



A selection of popular guitar music 

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